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GoMe Reorganization

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afbeelding van Nev'yn
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Lid geworden op: nov 15 2011

Hail, my fellow cavern-folk!

Many of you may have noticed that Doobes recently left his post as moderator of the monthly All Guilds Meeting at the start of the year, turning the helm over Korov'ev. Continuing this forward momentum, Lyrositor has stepped down from his position as Guildmaster for the Messengers. Now don't, fret! Both are still in the backroom of GoMe's virtual office. Lyrositor will remain Webmaster and host for the GoMe site. Doobes, on the other hand, will still hold his job as the other Guildmaster, in charge navigation and Gome's day to day operations. But with these changes comes another important announcement.

As we move into 2016, I am proud to announce Lyrositor's post wiil be filled by Korov'ev as the newest GM for the Guild of Messengers! His duties will include captaining special projects, the first of which will be updating of GoMe's liasons within the community to improve project coordination by the various groups. This is not to say he will not also be working hand in hand with Doobes on the Messenger's daily operations, however. On the back burner are a few other ideas and projects yet to be announced, so keep an eye out!

Be that as it may, please welcome him at the next AGM as Korov'ev steps into his new post!
Shorah b'shemtee, and see ya' around the cavern!!!

| "The truth speaks for itself, I am just the messenger." -Lyta Alexander |


afbeelding van Doobes
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Lid geworden op: dec 15 2010

It's really official now: